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PrimeX Solution is the leading Portfolio, Program and Project Management Information System (P3MIS) solution provider combining deep industry knowledge, unmatched track record in delivering PMWeb and Oracle Primavera solutions. For the Past 15 years, our resources are providing consulting services specialized in providing project management and project management integrated software solutions, training, services, management upgrade and IT support. We provide the most effective results- oriented consulting and training services. We operate your business at its maximum potential when you have the best customer-centric strategies in place to help optimize, accelerate and transform your business practices.

PrimeX Solution is a Project & Services focused organization. Our experience in the field with Information systems has taken us to the top spot of being the preferred support provider to various industries in the Information Management Systems for projects and portfolio.

We develop effective and customer-focused solutions. Our developers are industry experts who had the vision to create a solution that was feature-rich and easy to use. Firstly, we wanted it to meet and exceed the needs and requirements of clients in the portfolio, program, and project management space. We have succeeded in achieving this goal across a wide spectrum of clients. Our clients include private and public owners, construction managers, and contractors.

In addition to delivering and implementing highly known products such as Oracle Primavera, EPPM and PMWeb, PrimeX also offers comprehensive advice and support in the field of project management in planning and risk.

Implementation experts in integrated, 360°, sustainable, quality Portfolio, Program and Project Management Information System solutions helping organizations in the Engineering and Construction, Infrastructure, Oil and Gas and Public Sectors to transform everyday data into valuable source of knowledge to visualize, analyze, predict and share a single version of the truth of projects’ status, health and performance.


Our Sr. Consultant Mr. Mohammed Ali will be available to meet all your requirements. He is well versed having 15+ years’ experience in implementing, customizing and supporting services for Project Management Information Systems (PMWeb, Oracle Unifier etc.)

Oracle Primavera Unifier (15, 16, 18,19)
Project Management
Systems Analysis
PMO-Management Systems:
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